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Promote and improve the health of individuals, families and groups of people in the different stages of the life cycle, encouraging a search for the truth and professional excellence based on Christian humanism and for the purpose of serving others.
The School of Nursing supports and promotes the development of research which enlarges the bases of disciplinary knowledge as well as the development of applied research for:

  • improving clinical practice in the area of nursing

  • preventing diseases and disabilities

  • promoting health and managing symptoms

  • improving end-of-life (palliative) care. 


  • Respond to the current needs of health and anticipate future health challenges and priorities.

  • In this way the School of Nursing attempts to contribute to the quality and dignity of life of both healthy and sick individuals as well as contributing to sustainability of the health care system.


  • Research as the essential pillar for the development of the discipline.

  • Commitment to and responsibility for quality research.

  • Interdisciplinarity and team research.

  • Research as a service to society, in favor of life, respecting freedom and dignity of the individual and his environment.