Additional training to obtain the Degree in Nursing

The University of Navarra School of Nursing facilitates transfer of credits from the Diploma in Nursing to the Degree in Nursing.


  • Must hold a Diploma in Nursing.

  • Must complete 33 ECTS credits as additional training. Professional experience will be considered as provided for in RD 861/2010. (Article 6. Credit recognition and transfer).

Subjects that must be completed

The training program will be structured in the following subjects:

-    Foundations of the Scientific Method in the Health Sciences (3 ECTS)*
-    Scientific English (6 ECTS). An intermediate level of English proficiency is required*

-    Final Year Project (6 ECTS)*
-    Educational Methods for Health (3 ECTS)
-    Sociology (6 ECTS)
-    History of Nursing (3 ECTS)
-    Elective subjects in general humanities (6 ECTS)

*These subjects will be taught on Wednesday mornings throughout each academic year.
 For the remainder of the subjects, the student must follow the schedules set in the corresponding academic year for the Degree in Nursing .


Financial aspects

  • Price per ECTS credit

  • The Office of the Executive Council has approved validation of subjects from the diploma program for the degree program for holders of diplomas from the University of Navarra.

  • University of Navarra employees pay 10% of the registration fee.

Admission periods
Application: Before May 15 

Documentation to submit to the School's Administrative Office:

  • Employment Certificate

  • Academic transcript, in the case of students with qualifications from other universities.

Each application will be reviewed individually in order to determine the subjects that can be validated and the ones the student must enroll in.

Decision: Starting June 15

Contact and submission of documentation

Administrative Office of the School of Nursing - University of Navarra 

C/ Irunlarrea, 1   
31008 Pamplona, Spain 

Tel.: (+34) 948 425 645


Schedule for online approval

Information of the School

C/ Irunlarrea, 1
31008 Pamplona

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