Researchers from the ICS WINN Network call for papers on female visibility in education as a driver of change and equality

María Cruz Díaz de Terán and Inmaculada Alva serve as guest editors of a volume for the journal Revista Estilos de Aprendizaje to be published in 2021

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24/09/20 11:37 Isabel Solana

María Cruz Díaz de Terán and Inmaculada Alva, researchers at the University of Navarra, have been invited to edit a special issue of the journal Revista Estilos de Aprendizaje, which will focus on female visibility in education as a driver of change and equality. The call to present academic articles on this topic will remain open until January 15, 2021.

Professors Díaz de Terán (School of Law) and Alva (School of Humanities and Social Sciences) participate in the initiative as members of the Institute for Culture and Society’s (ICS) WINN Network at the University of Navarra. The network is part of the Innovactoras association, which received a WSIS World Award from the United Nations in September.

As they detail, the volume tries to respond to one of the Sustainable Development Goals, namely the importance of inclusive and equitable education that improves people's lives and contributes to the development of solutions to relevant problems in today's world. "For this, we need new scenarios that promote measures focused on advancing innovative training at different educational levels towards equality between women and men," as María Cruz Díaz de Terán observed.

In this sense, the guest editors note that diverse national and international regulations insist on the need to work transversally on the principle of equality between women and men in education, as well as on equality policies.

Specifically, Díaz de Terán, coordinator of the ICS WINN Network, emphasizes that, "Spanish legislation introduces, in addition to non-discrimination between male and female students, the need to promote proactive training in an effort to achieve equality for both genders."

In her view, this training "necessarily implies, among other measures, the study of teaching methodologies and content that recognize and make visible women’s contributions to education and social progress."

Building an egalitarian society

The call for papers proposes the following lines of research: Females of reference in teaching and literacy models throughout history; Female educators and/or researchers who have promoted advances in the study of teaching-learning styles; Female change agents in the management of educational organizations; Teaching strategies to improve the visibility of women's contributions; Incorporation of a gender perspective into syllabi; Methodologies focused on female contributions to diverse fields.

The invited editors trust that the issue and its contents will be useful for teachers and contribute to the construction of an egalitarian society for women and men.

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