Specialization in Health Psychology

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Intended for Psychology students

Students can obtain an Accredited Specialization in Health Psychology, along with their qualification, without having to take any extra subjects.  This specialization limits the student’s chances of taking part in an international exchange but it qualifies them for the Master’s Degree in General Health Psychology and the tests to become an Internal Psychology Resident (PIR).

Health Psychology is the study of the psychological and behavioural processes in terms of health and disease. It looks at understanding how psychological, behavioural and cultural factors contribute to physical health and disease.

In order to obtain this Specialization, students should take a total of 99 ECTS of specific training including:

  • 42 ECTS from core subjects (common to all Degree students) specifically for Health Psychology.

  • 36 ECTS from specific optional subjects for the Specialization.

  • 15 ECTS from Practicum I and Practicum II (carried out in the field of Health Psychology).

  • 6 ECTS from the Final Year Project (on a topic related to the Specialization).

Options for the Health Psychology specialization:   

Centros de prácticas Practicum II (PDF)