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Research areas

  • Antropología de la educación

  • Character Education

  • Dealing with diversity in the context of disability

  • Dealing with the special educational needs of people with disabilities

  • Education and Citizenship

  • Education Policy

  • Educational technology

  • Family Education

  • History of Education

  • Hospital education

  • Identification and development of academic talent

  • Inclusive Education

  • Mentoring and educational guidance

  • Normal development of language, language impairment and communication

  • Organization and management of education centers

  • Relationships between cognition and motivation: self-paced learning

  • Sociology of Education

  • Social Psychology

  • Teaching musical expression

  • Teaching the experimental sciences

  • Teaching artistic expression

  • Teaching Mathematics

  • Teaching the Social Sciences

  • Teaching Language

  • Teaching-learning system for Language in Primary


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