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Transition to adulthood of Roman young people in Navarra


The Romany population is a heterogeneous group that does not necessarily seem linked to material or cultural deficiencies or social exclusion. However, for a variety of reasons, it remains a socially vulnerable population group. Even considering progress made over the last few decades, there is still a long way to go to reach absolute fairness in the world of education. Despite the current inclusive model, concern for interculturality and a focus on diversity, high absenteeism from school and the early drop-out rate for Romany students remain a cause for concern. School absenteeism lies at the root of many social exclusion situations.

 For many years, the Romany community has made a priority of fighting Romany children and youths' disadvantages in schools; particularly in transition to adulthood (15-19 years old). This project is focussed on educational experiences for young Romany in transition to adulthood, a process that is frequently delicate for these students (with added difficulties in the event of not getting the corresponding qualifications at secondary). Specifically, the objectives are:

  1. Analyse the schooling context (legislative and organisational) for Romany teenagers in the province of Navarra.

  2. Identify the main strengthens and weaknesses of self-determination for young Romany in the transition process to adult life

  3. Describe experiences and perceptions of families with regard to self-determination and the education process for their children.

  4. Contribute via planned actions to improving the processes of transition to adult life for young Romany.

Consequently we are backing skills training on self-determination as a target during the transition stage. Working from identification of teenagers' main needs in this area, using perceptions from one of the priority support contexts (the family), an attempt will be made to draw up guidelines and protocols to mentor these students and their families throughout their academic and personal guidance process.


Araceli Arellano Torres
Main researcher

General contact:
School of Education and Psychology
31009 Pamplona

+34 948 425 600