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Reasons to choose our School

Psicología 1

Educación Infantil



Educación Primaria

Educación y Pedagogía

  • Academic programs. Six officially recognized degrees, the possibility of spending two semesters on an exchange program, and collaboration with the Institute of Culture and Society, IESE Business School and the Clínica Universidad de Navarra.

  • Proven track record. More than four decades of research and teaching in Education and Educational Psychology that guarantee the quality of our degree programs.

  • Practicum. A commitment to the practical training of our students with the possibility of carrying out internships at international centers. 

  • Individual project. From the very first day, students play a leading role throughout their time at our School. They are given all the help they need to develop their professional and human potential.

  • Values. People are the cornerstone upon which all academic, intellectual and professional activity in the School is based.

  • Employment. A wide range of professional possibilities that cover areas with a major social impact:


Socio-educational guidance

Education for people with disabilities

Intercultural mediation

Hospital education

Human resources

Penal institutions

Government bodies

Clinical and Health Psychology

Management of educational centers

Educational psychology

Occupational centers 

Business psychology

Teaching and guidance in educational centers

Market psychology


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