Lifelong learning: cursos anteriores

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Throughout the year, the School of Education and Psychology organizes several lifelong learning courses for those working in the school sector. Here are some examples:

  • Aprendizaje Integrado de Contenidos en Lengua Extranjera.

The course has two interlinked modules: one online and the other on-campus. In terms of teaching languages in the Spanish school system (primary and secondary), the CLIL methodology, based on teaching contents in a second language, is becoming more important. CLIL programs have been set up at almost all educational levels from pre-school to university. However, the current practical implementation of these programs continues to pose challenges and dilemmas.. SEE WEBSITE


  • Jornada para centros educativos

To coincide with implementing individual assessment in Year 3 of Primary Education, the School of Education and Psychology has organized a Schools Session on external diagnostic tests of this kind. SEE WEBSITE



  • CLIL + Science

Two day conference focusing on interactive science teaching and CLIL programmes in primary, secondary and higher education. With this this in mind, CLIL programmes need to constantly align themselves with up-to-date content and research in pedagogy, in order to deliver learning skills that are becoming increasingly important for the future. SEE WEBSITE



  • Educational centres workshops

En el panorama educativo actual nos encontramos ante una gran paradoja que afecta al devenir de una educación creativa e innovadora. Por un lado las investigaciones demuestran los favores de la educación artística en pro de la formación completa de la persona y por otro lado, vemos cómo la realidad en las aulas y en las políticas educativas transcurren al margen de estas evidenciasVER WEB