Professional Meetings

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The School of Education and Psychology offers students the chance to find out about different professional fields open to them as graduates. As part of the psychology and pedagogy study plan, talks are organized with expert professionals to explain specific skills and training required to work in the most usual Psychology and Pedagogy sectors.

  • Psychology: Clinical and Health Psychology, Educational Psychology, Labor and Organization Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Sports Psychology and Criminal Psychology

  • Pedagogy: Educational Management, Human Resources, Educational Intervention, Hospital Pedagogy, Guidance, Therapeutic Pedagogy, Educational Planning, Social Pedagogy 



  • 14th October Productive happiness. Mª Jesús Álava Reyes.

  • 24th October Dialogue, discourse and debate: Psychology of Communication. Carmen Loueiro.

  • 10th November A guidance counselor's work Javier Urra

  • 16th January A clinical psychologist's work in a Mental Health Centre. Prof. C. Lacunza.

  •  23rd January Specialized psychological care in a Child-Youth Unit. Prof. C. Maestro.

  • 30th January The Palliative Medicine psychologist Prof. M. Martinez.

  • 6th February. A clinical psychologist's work in an Outpatient Hospital. Prof. R. de Luis.

  • 13th February. Specialized psychological care in a Drug Addiction Unit. Prof. J.C. Oria.

  • 20th February. A clinical psychologist's role in a Psycho-Geriatric Unit. Prof. G. Jusué

  • 27th February. A clinical psychologist's role in Health and Mental Illness research. Prof. J.I. Arrarás.

  • 6th March. Introduction to Organizational Psychology. Silvia Zabalza

  • 10th March Parent Education Programs. Leticia Garcés

  • 13th March Introduction to Sports Psychology.  Iciar Eraña.

  • 15th March School Management Teresa Aranaz

  • 20th March Introduction to Forensic Psychology. Lydia Brea.

  • 22nd March Guidance Department in schools. Adriana Plágaro

  • 27th March Introduction to Criminal Psychology. Captain Carlos Igual Garrido.

  • 29th March HR in a Social Company  Yolanda Vergara.

  • 5th April E-Learning. Mertxe Gordillo