Character, Education and Citizenship Research Group (GIECC)


Character, Education and Citizenship Research Group (GIECC)

The University of Navarra GIECC is an interdisciplinary team working in the field of citizenship education since 1997. It has been working on topics such asthe grounds ofcitizenship education; education for participation and civil society; educationincommunication and social cooperation; moral and civic education; the impact of ICTs on young people's social relationships; the educational potential of including voluntary workin the curriculum; Service Learning methodology; the history of moral and civic education theories; intercultural education; the family as an educational setting; social skills and emotional competence; aesthetic education; self-regulation of learning; and families' participation in schools..

Different research projects, publications, etc. have been developed around these issues.:

Principal Investigator

Concepción Naval
Principal Investigator

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