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Personal features and educational experiences of Adult High School Students (AHS)


Maite Aznárez-Sanado – Engineering degree (2006, UPNA); Master's degree in Training Secondary Teachers (2014, UNED); PhD in Neurosciences (2010, UNAV). She is currently a Professor at the School of Education and Psychology, University of Navarra. She teaches on the Psychology degree course, taking charge of research and behaviour methodology subjects. Her research has focussed on the Neurosciences area, mainly on studies that assess human behaviour, as well as its neuronal level correlate. In addition, thanks to her academic training and her career as a teacher and a researcher, she has wide-ranging knowledge and experience regarding analysis techniques, research methodology and assessment of new behaviour indices.

Sarah Carrica-Ochoa –  Pedagogue, Psycho-pedagogue and International PhD in Education (on Education for Human Development). She has professional experience at a centre for children at risk of social exclusion and she is currently a professor at the School of Education and Psychology at the University of Navarra, teaching subjects in the social field at degree and Master's level. Her line of research and practice is therefore focussed on how to improve socio-educational care for groups at risk from social exclusion, from an inclusive focus centred on social justice. In addition, she has taken part in pre and post-doctoral research stays in London, Paraguay and Colombia. These stays have been useful to expand her experience in research on educational inclusion in very different contexts.

Araceli Arellano Torres – Psycho-pedagogue (2008, UNAV); PhD in Psycho-pedagogy (2012, UNAV). She is currently a Professor at the School of Education and Psychology (UNAV). Her teaching and research career has been focussed on educational inclusion, working from a focus that respects and acknowledges diversity as one of the main challenges of the education system. She has experience in using qualitative techniques. She has professional, research and volunteering experience among vulnerable population groups that share certain characteristics: risks of exclusion, experiences of school segregation, etc.

Raquel Artuch Garde – Pedagogue and Psycho-pedagogue (2009, UNAV); Master's degree in Training Secondary Teachers (2010, UNAV); PhD in Psycho-pedagogy (2014, UNAV). UNAV professor from 2012-2016, currently a professor at UNED and UNIR. Her lines of research are: 1) Resilience and self-regulation in young people at risk of social exclusion; 2) Motivational-emotional strategies for personal self-regulation and tackling stress; 3) Skills to Learn, Study and Perform under stress. She has worked with the Navarra School Council and has given many training sessions in these fields.

Nuria Garro Gil – Pedagogue, Psycho-pedagogue (2009, UNAV) and International PhD in Pedagogy (2014, UNAV), she is currently a Professor at the UNAV School of Education and UNAV where she teaches on the "Sociology of Education" course. Her line of research is related to sociology, social pedagogy and intergenerational relations. From 2009 to 2016, she worked with the Profesionales Solidarios Foundation as a Training Director where she developed international cooperation, volunteering and informal education projects plus awareness-raising and dissemination actions.

Gonzalo Arrondo Ostiz - Psychologist (2008, UNED), Master's degree in Neuro-Psychology (2007, UAB) and PhD in Neurosciences (2013, UNAV), he is currently a full-time researcher at the Institute of Culture and Society (UNAV). He has wide-ranging experience in the use of psychometric assessment and diagnosis techniques as his research has focussed on studying relationships between behaviour and psychobiological processes. He also has experience in the use of complex statistical methodologies.

David Ramírez Castillo - Psychologist (2013, UGR); Master's degree in Clinical Psychology in the Adult field (2014, ISPA). He has professional experience as a clinical and general healthcare psychologist (2012-2014). He is currently part of the UNAV training research staff where he teaches the subject entitled "Psychology of Perception and Attention" on the Psychology degree course. He published a chapter on Adult Psycho-Pathology in the Clinical Psychology Manual and has experience in Assessment, Diagnosis and Treatment in Private Clinical Psychology practice. His line of research, explored in his thesis, is Frustration Tolerance and Drug Use.

Carlos García Roda - Psychologist (2013, UGR); Master's degree in Cognitive and Behavioural Neuroscience (2014, UGR). He is currently on the UNAV School of Education and Psychology training research staff. He has experience in using psychometric scales and his line of research is directly related to studying the effect of frustration on reinforcement learning processes.


Principal Investigator

Maite Aznárez
Principal Investigator

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