Student Interns

Student Interns are students, preferably with a few years of their degree under their belt, who join a Department to perform university-level partnership work compatible with their studies, thereby contributing to their academic and professional training.

They are governed by the following rules:

1. Student Interns can help with teaching, research or training tasks.

  • Teaching tasks: working with the assigned professors on appropriate tasks.

  • Research tasks: participating in the department's research projects. In some cases, the student intern may join a research team, where their work helps to develop a particular project, participating in research team seminars, etc.

  • Training tasks: participating in training sessions and seminars organized by the department, so that the student interns can perform their task as well as possible.

2. The work of student interns is unpaid as the aim of the appointment is not to participate in the department's work but to train the student.

3. Each student intern's work will be guided by a professor.

4. This partnership will consist of an average commitment of 5, 10 or 15 hours per week during the academic year. In each case, the professor will work with the student to decide when their work will take place.

5. Student internships are preferably awarded to students in the final years of their degree program, with an average mark over 7 (70%+).

6. Applications should be presented between 1 and 9 September to the School's Administrative Office. Forms are available on the website. Students should fill in their personal details and add the report from the professor who will oversee their work.

7. The board of the School will adjudicate the position or reject the application.

8. The beneficiaries commit to working in their assigned departments, supervised by a professor who will oversee their work..

9.  At the end of the year, the professor working with the student intern will assess this collaborative task with the Department and School's approval. If the assessment is positive, this internship will appear in the student intern's academic record and can be added to any academic certificates that are issued.

10. The position of student intern is understood to be awarded for that particular academic year.

11. Former student interns in a department will take preference when renewing their appointment. They only have to present their application before a given deadline, stating that they were a student intern in the department the previous year. If they wish to change department, they must follow the process and conditions as if they were applying for the first time.


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