Online Application

Nominated exchange students are able to apply for the exchange programme at the University of Navarra. You will receive an email with the link to the application platform and an exchange code, needed to process your application. Codes are only given to those students who have been nominated by their home university. Information will be sent to all candidates a few days after the nomination deadline. 

Please be aware that to apply for admission as an exchange student, you will need the following documents:


Scanned passport.


Scanned passport-type photo. *Please, refer to the photo guidelines document.


Proof of English or Spanish language proficiency.


Academic Transcript of records.


An official letter from your university certifying that you have been selected to undertake a semester at the University of Navarra.


Proof of health insurance. Students will not be admitted without proof of health insurance. Students must have adequate coverage prior to their arrival and this is their responsibility.


How to apply?

  1. Register at miUNAV. You will need to create an account and fill the required information.

  2. Activate your account in miUnav. You will receive an email from the admissions office with the subject: “Activate your account in MiUnav” that will include a link. You must use this link to activate your account in MiUnav.

  3. Copy and paste the link on to your browser. If it doesn’t work, please try with a different browser. In order to move to the next step, you must click on the “Go to your portal” button.

  4. By clicking on the “Go to your portal” button will take you to the user identification log-in page. Use your email and password you registered with at MiUNAV.

Now that you have successfully created your account in miUnav platform, you will be able to access the online exchange application form!

  1. Sign in with your new account! Don’t forget the email and password you have created, you will need it all the way to finish your application

  2. The “application form access” button will display. Click on it to start your application.

  3. Fill out your exchange application, including your Personal Data, Identification number, permanent address, emergency contact, Academic information, Language Skills

  4. Please check carefully the Summary of the Application Form:  If you need to correct anything, please, press bottom “back to the form” and correct the information. 

  5. If everything is correct, please, submit the application by pressing the button “Send application”.

Please note that once you have completed the mandatory fields, you must submit your application by pressing the button “Send application”, without attaching the obligatory supporting documents. However, your application will be completed only once you have attached the required documents. How to upload the documents?

  1. After pressing the button “Send Application” you will see all the documents needed to be uploaded.

  2. Click on each document to upload it, one at a time.

a. Photocopy of passport identification page: Please, make sure your passport is valid the whole exchange period. .PDF format

b. Academic Transcript of Records. .PDF format

c. Nomination letter signed by your home coordinator. .PDF format

d. Coloured passport-size photo. Please, refer to the photo guidelines document. .JPG format (4MB) Informal photos are not accepted!

e. Proof of English or Spanish language proficiency.

f. Medical Insurance that covers the period of your stay in Spain. The proof of health insurance should include: Name of the insured, period of coverage (valid during visiting period), and place of coverage (valid in Spain).

3. You can check your documents status: Pending or Accepted.

After you have uploaded all the supporting documents, your Incoming Exchange Application is considered all done and ready to be reviewed by the International Office at the School of Law. All that’s left is to wait to hear from us regarding confirmation of your acceptance.

Once your application is validated, you will receive a message confirming the result of the application. You will be able to download the acceptance letter from miUnav. After that, you must finish your application by signing the application electronically.

Any questions? Please contact us to, We will be happy to help you throughout this process, in order to do so we will ask you for screenshots and concrete instructions about your application.


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