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The School of Law of the University of Navarra offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

The School of Law's university-accredited qualifications provide graduates with a higher level of training and the skills to effectively practice the profession in the fields to which the degree program is directed.

The doctoral program is offered in Pamplona. It is an educational period based, above all, on critical research of an academic topic. According to official regulations, "The purpose of doctoral programs is to train students in advanced research techniques".

The University of Navarra School of Law offers the Doctoral Degree in Law, which is accessed via the Master's Degree in Globalization and Social Integration Law. This program is approved by the National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation (ANECA).

Our new global society calls for a legal system that is very different from the classical legal order of national laws based on territory. The new legal order is characterized by its international dimension, economic development and the creation of global economic markets, greater complexity, exponential growth in risky activity and a need for the social integration of diverse cultures and opinions from a starting point of respect for human rights.

This is the framework in which the dissertations undertaken under this program must be directed, where the various research projects carried out by the departments of our School are implemented, and where theses have been defended in recent years . The School of Law therefore wishes to promote the study of contemporary legal issues through serious, rigorous research with the backing of a first-class Library and a working environment that enjoys a great human quality.

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