Prospective students


In accordance with the general regulations of the University, housing for students of the School of Canon Law must be known by the academic authorities. In the case of priests (or those preparing for the priesthood), housing must be adequate to their priestly condition and open to any suggestions or directives provided by the ordinary of the diocese or the superior authority of the religious institute to which the student belongs.

  • Seminarians

    Seminarians may request housing in the Bidasoa International Ecclesiastical College, erected by the Sacred Congregation of Seminaries and Study Institutes. The address is:  

    Bidasoa International Ecclesiastical College
    Rector: D. Juan Alonso

    Carretera Pamplona s/n
    31190 CIZUR MENOR (Navarra, España)
    Tel.: (+ 34) 948 181 615


  • Priests and deacons

    For housing, secular priests and deacons may contact:

    Colegio Mayor Echalar I
    Director: D. Francisco Varo    

    C/ Miguel Astrain, 23 - 4º
    31006 PAMPLONA (España)   
    Teléfono: (+34) 948 249 711

    Colegio Mayor Echalar II
    Director: D. Jose Manuel Ordovás

    Ronda Cendea de Cizur, 38
    31010 BARAÑAIN (España)
    Teléfono: (+34) 948 171 822


About the School

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