University experience

The experience at fcomunav goes beyond your studies in the classroom. We offer students different activities that enrich their University experience.

What do our students value most about their education at the School?

Nested Applications


Daniel Dols


"When I finished my degree, I went to Miami to do an internship at Hispanopost Media Group. The opportunity came up thanks to Raquel Gallego, from Career Services, who provided me with career guidance throughout the degree. Thanks to the internship I acquired a series of complementary knowledge to what I received during my studies"


Sofía Alas

Practical training

"The School of communication offers a broad approach to the professional world. Through real-life cases in the classes, visits from visiting speakers or alumni, improvised coffees with the different professionals who teach us... They are preparing us for the professional world in a very effective way and we must make the most of it"


Blanca Magre

Extra-curricular activities

"I wanted to write, direct and tell stories. The Program in Performing Arts has helped me to be more spontaneous and train me in directing. Also, it has prepared me for what the degree was teaching me. For example, in production issues, budgeting a short film, a play or a concert. In short, it has provided me with knowledge that complements the degree"



University of Navarra Radio

A space for the creation of the students' sound

The School has five radio studios where students develop the practical part of the degree.

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