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Information about the entrance examination

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Details about the examinations: 

The School of Communication entrance examinations consist of 2 parts:

In the first part the candidate must take a test on general culture, with a total of 60 questions, and write a brief essay about a specific current topic. 

The second part will consist of a group exercise in which candidates must participate in debating and setting out ideas; students are also rated on their attitude and motivation for wanting to become future communication professionals through a brief personal interview.

Examination questions:

Intellectual curiosity and interest are some of the qualities that a good communication professional must have. For more advanced candidates, we want to ask two of the questions that appear on the general culture test:

1) How many seats does the lower house of the Spanish parliament have?

2) What do the initials EGM stand for?

List of interviewers:

- For the group exercise:

- For the interviews:

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