Ana Azurmendi

Graduate in Law and in Journalism. PhD University of Navarra. Professor of Media Law at the Faculty of Communication since 1991.

Director of Center for Internet Studies and Digital Life.

Appointed Professor at the "Comparative Media Law" Program, University of Oxford (2006) and at University of Paris II (2003);  at the Doctoral Program on "Human Rights", University of Salamanca-Panamericana University (2007-2008) in México DF; at the Doctoral Program on "Media Law" of UNAM-University of Occidente-Iberoamericana University (2000-2003), in Michoacán, Sinaloa, México. Professor of Intellectual Property at the Master on "Digital Creativity and Communication", University of Coruña (1998-2009).

She is leading the I+D Research Project: Transformation on the Regional Television sponsored by the Ministry of Economy of Competitiveness.  She has been researcher of different projects: PIUNA Project The Impact of digitization on the Audiovisual Industry in Spain (2010-2013); I+D Project, sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Innovation:  Internet impact to the redefinition of the Spanish Regional Public Broadcasting (2009-2012). She has been the leader of the I+D project:  Public Broadcasting The Challenge of the Digital Era (2004-2007) sponsored by the Ministry of Education and Science, and of the Contract of Research on Audiovisual Authorities with the Audiovisual Authority of Navarra (2008).

She has been Visiting Professor at the Silha Center for the Study of Media Ethics and Law de la University of Minnesota (USA), in 1993, at the Faculty of Administrative Studies, University of York  (Toronto, Canada), in 1995,  at the Center for Socio-Legal Studies de la Universidad de Oxford (UK) in 2006 and  2007, at the Department of Politics, University of Manchester (UK) in 2011 and at the School of Journalism  University of North Carolina (USA) in 2013.

Author of books: Derecho de la Comunicación. Guía para profesionales de los Medios (ed. EUNSA, Pamplona 2016), Derecho de la Comunicación (ed. Bosch, Barcelona 2011), La Reforma de la Televisión Pública Española (Tirant lo Blanch, Valencia 2007), El derecho a la propia imagen (1.ed Madrid 1997 and 2 ed  México DF  1998),  El Consejo Audiovisual de Navarra. Sus funciones y competencias en el contexto europeo de regulación del sector audiovisual (Consejo Audiovisual de Navarra, Pamplona 2009), Derecho de la Información. Guía jurídica para profesionales de la comunicación (1.ed Pamplona 1997  y 2 ed  Pamplona 2001) and  Derecho de la Información. Textos básicos (Pamplona 1999). She has published 30 articles in peer review journals and 25 chapters of books.

Her books have been cited by the Case Law on Freedom of Expression by the Constitutional Court of Chile and Peru and by the Parliamentary Commission on Regulation of the Rights of Journalists in Mexico.

Editor of one of the most relevant Spanish journals on communication Communication&Society (1997-2013).

In 2001, she was appointed as Expert of the Committee for the Quality of Universities,   by the National Agency of Universities, and has been taking part in processes of quality evaluation in 6 Spanish Faculties of Communication (Carlos III, Camilo José Cela, Basque Country, Pontificia of Salamanca, San Pablo-CEU Madrid)

Participant as an Expert in Consultation with Media Professionals: Strategies against Xenophobia,  European Commission of Human Rights (Strasbourg) (1994).