Department of Environmental Biology

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Website of the Department of Environmental Biology

Research Groups:

  • Plant Biodiversity and Applications. Monitoring and restoration of ecosystems. Forest ectomycorrhizae, truffle cultivation and forest mycology. Bryology: biodiversity and ecology of mosses. Computerization of herbarium collections
    · Contact:  Ana María de Miguel Velasco

  • Ethnobotany. Ethnobotany: medicinal plants, searching for and applying bioactive plant compounds. Traditional Knowledge and Conservation of Biodiversity
    · Contact:  Rita Cavero Remón

  • Physiology of Stress in Plants. Physiology of stress in plants. Grapevine biology. Arbuscular mycorrhizae in natural and agricultural ecosystems. Organic waste management. Agricultural application of sewage sludge. Remote detection of stress factors in plants using remote fluorescence and reflectance sensors.
    Contact:   María Carmen Antolín Bellver

  • Biodiversity Management. Limnology and water-quality indicators. Bioinformatics and mass processing of biodiversity data. Biodiversity conservation. Vertebrate morphometry and biogeography.
    Contact:  Arturo Ariño Plana

  • Faunal and terrestrial ecology. Taxonomy and systematics. Biogeography, distribution and ecology of indicator species. Biology of pests and useful species.
    Contact:  Enrique Baquero Martín
     Environment and Society. Impact assessment and restoration and environmental management. Landscape ecology and land use. Environmental education.
    Contact:  Jordi Puig i Baguer