Seminars 2014-2015


  • Tuesday, Sept. 02 

Hans Pitlik (Austrian Institute of Economic Research) 

Locus of Control and Individual Support for Government Interventionism (joint with L. Kouba)


  • Tuesday, Sept. 16

Álvaro Lleó de Neald (IECO) – job market seminar

Increasing Subordinates' Affecting Commitment through Managerial Trustworthiness


  • Wednesday, Sept. 24

Matthias Hühn (Kühne Logistics University) – job market seminar

Adam Smith's Economics


  • Monday, Sept. 29

Marcos Fernández Gutiérrez (Universidad de Cantabria)

The Impact of Socio-Economic Background on Satisfaction: Evidence for Policy Makers (joint with J. Clifton and D. Díaz-Fuentes)




  • Wednesday, Oct. 08

Amaya Erro (Universidad Pública de Navarra)

Determinants of Ticket Prices in Spanish Cinemas


  • Wednesday, Oct. 15

Therese Nilsson (Lund University)

Life-Expectancy and Mother-Baby Interventions: Evidence from a Historical Trial


  • Friday, Oct. 17

José-Luis Peydró (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)

Securities Trading by Banks: Micro Evidence


  • Wednesday, Oct. 22

Eduardo Schwartz (UCLA Anderson School of Management)

Expected Commodity Returns and Pricing Models (joint with G. Cortazar and I. Kovacevic)




  • Wednesday Nov. 05

Mircea Epure (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)

Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Performance (joint with K. A. Desender)


  • Wednesday Nov. 12

Stephanie Schmitt-Grohé (Columbia University)

The Making of a Great Contraction with a Liquidity Trap and a Jobless Recovery (joint with M. Uribe)


  • Wednesday Nov. 19

Francesca Franco (London Business School)

Matching Premiums in the Executive Labour Market


  • Wednesday Nov. 26

Adrián Caldart (IESE Business School)

Colaboración Horizontal entre Unidades de Negocio: un Enfoque de Dinámica de Sistemas


  • Thursday, Nov. 27

María Asunción Fernández Seara (CIMA, Universidad de Navarra) – job market seminar

Probability-Time Trade-off




  • Friday, Dec. 05

Nicolas Berman (The Graduate Institute, Geneva)

Demand Learning and Exporter Dynamics (joint with V. Rebeyrol and V. Vicard)


  • Wednesday, Dec. 10

Peter Berling (Lund University)

Multi Echelon Inventory Control for Improved Sustainability


  • Monday, Dec. 15


I Navarra Macro-Dynamics Workshop (download the program)


Note: the acronym in square brackets below the title of a seminar indicates the organizing research group.  BFS stands for "Banking and Finance for Society"; I4S stands for "Industry for Society". 


  • Friday, Jan. 09 

Pierpaolo Benigno (LUISS Guido Carli)

Dynamic Debt Deleveraging and Optimal Monetary Policy (joint with G.B. Eggertson and F. Romei)


  • Friday, Jan. 23

Agustín Casas (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid) – job market seminar

Who Monitors the Monitor? Effect of Party Observers on Electoral Outcomes (joint with G. Díaz and A.


  • Tuesday, Jan. 27

Lotta Moberg (George Mason University) – job market seminar

Liberalizing Rent Seeking: How Export Processing Zones Can Save or Sink an Economy



  • Monday, Feb. 02

Van Diem Nguyen (University of Gothenburg) – job market seminar

Distribution of Takeover Gains: A Comparison Between the U.S. and Other Major Markets

  • Wednesday, Feb. 04

Mattia Girotti (Toulouse School of Economics) – job market seminar

How Monetary Policy Changes: Bank Liability Structure and Funding Cost

  • Thursday, Feb. 12

Juan Equiza Goñi (ECARES, Université Libre de Bruxelles) – job market seminar

Government Debt Maturity and Debt Dynamics in Six Euro Area Countries

  • Wednesday, Feb. 25

Florencio Lopez de Silanes (EDHEC Business School)

Asset Verifiability and Credit Protection in the U.S. (joint with E. Giambona and R. Matta)




  • Wednesday, Mar. 04

Edurne Falco (Universidad de Valladolid) – job market seminar

Aggregating Imprecise Linguistic Expressions (joint with J.L. García-Lapresta and L. Roselló)

  • Monday, Mar. 09

Carlos G. Pedraz (Repsol Trading) – job market seminar

Mean-Reversion Rate and Risk Premium in Commodity Markets (joint with F.E. Benth and A. Cartea)

  • Wednesday, Mar. 11

Alexander Plekhanov (EBRD)

Choosing Trade Patterns: Does Corruption Matter? (joint with Zsoka Koczan)


  • Wednesday, Mar. 18

Pablo Brañas-Garza (Middlesex University)

Ethnic Polarization, Gender Roles, and Punishment in Public Good Games (joint with A.M. Espín, J.F. Gamella, B. Herrmann and J. Martín)




  • Wednesday, Apr. 15

Luca Gambetti (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)

Noisy News in Business Cycles (joint with M. Forni, M. Lippi and L. Sala)


  • Friday, Apr. 24

Peter Karadi (European Central Bank)

Monetary Policy Surprises, Credit Costs, and Economic Activity (joint with M.L. Gertler)




  • Wednesday, May 6

Andrea Ruiz Pérez (Universitad de Cantabria)

Customer Responses to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Perceptions: The Hierarchy of Effects Approach and the Role of Customer Personal Traits 


  • Wednesday, May 20

Marta Escapa García (Universidad del País Vasco)

Environmental Fiscal Reform and the Transition to a Low Carbon Economy 


  • Tuesday, May 26


1st Workshop UNAV Business & Economics Research (download the program


  • Wednesday, May 27

Helena Schweiger (EBRD) 

What Improves Firm Productivity More, Innovation or Management Practices? (joint with P. Mohnen and W. Bartz)




  • Tuesday, June 30

Neal Stoughton (Vienna University of Economics and Business)

A Natural Experiment in Portfolio Management (joint with S. Kranner and J. Zechner)