Practical information

Certificates and Certified copies

The accreditation processes require several administrative procedures:


  • Record of Service: this is handled by the Personnel Management Service

  • Teaching Activity: this is handled by the School Administrative Offices

  • Participation in Research Projects: this is handled by the Research Management Service

  • Teacher Training: this is handled by the Innovation in Education Unit (if it was received at the University of Navarra)

  • Research Stays: this is handled by the research centers the applicant attended


Certified Copies

  • ACADEMIA program (ANECA): Applicants are not required to submit any certified or original documents.

  • PEP program (ANECA): Copies of publications and conference papers do not require certification. However, the remaining official documents that accredit the qualifications must be certified.


Certified Copies at the University

  • Degrees and academic records issued by the University: Central Building - Office of the Registrar [Opening hours: 10:00-13:00. Price: €6 per certified copy]

  • Remaining degrees and academic records: the university that granted the degree or a notary public

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Go to the National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation website

Guidance on publications

Guidance on quality indicators for publications and localization of citations and case studies

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