First year at the University

Herramientas de comunicación

Communication tools

The University offers a series of work and communication tools for students and academic staff.

• The university email account: this is a free, lifelong email account that the University of Navarra Alumni Association (Alumni) provides for all alumni of the University of Navarra in order to make it easier for them to stay in contact with classmates and the University.

This is the email address that academic staff will use to contact you, so it's vital that you check it regularly. It can also be used to contact other University of Navarra students by looking up their email addresses in the student directory.

• ADI: This is a set of computer applications available for use by academic staff and students that provides support for face-to-face learning. It forms part of the University of Navarra's personalized portal. It can be accessed at:

To access ADI, you'll need a username and a password, and you should be enrolled in a subject. If for some reason you have not been able to enroll in a subject, let your teacher know so that you can be registered in the system.

ADI comprises a wide range of applications:

  • Notices

    This is a useful tool for letting people know quickly about things that have happened in the subject. That way, you can find out about recently planned activities relating to the subject.

  • Grades

    This automatically displays the grade you achieved in exams in ADI. It also allows the teacher to add other grades, such as those for projects, participation in activities, etc. Students can only view their own grades.

  • Documents

    This allows you to access supplementary subject material (images, PowerPoint presentations, text documents, etc.).


  • Exam application

    This application covers activities such as exams, self-assessments, surveys, etc., and also allows you to send work to teachers in a simple way.


  • Debate forums

    These allow you to publish items or topics for discussion. The application had already been developed by the University but has now been incorporated into ADI.

  • Journal

    This application allows you to log, on a daily basis, activities you have undertaken in relation to the subject. It can be viewed by the teacher.

  • Registration

    Through this tool, you can sign up online for activities related to the subject, in a quick and simple manner.