FAQ'S: Estudios

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1. How can I enroll?


All information and procedures related to enrolling in undergraduate degree, master's degree, university-accredited qualifications and doctoral degree programs can be found at the following address: Enrollment.

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2. How is the registration fee paid?


In addition to making a single payment, the application fee can be paid through an installment payment plan (a loan payable in 10 monthly installments throughout the academic year) or a loan to be paid back after graduation.

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3. Where can I find information about scholarships?


Each year the University of Navarra publishes a Scholarship and Financial Aid Guidebook, which compiles information about all public and University scholarships. The guidebook can be downloaded from the Scholarships page.

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4. When do I apply for scholarships?


It depends on the scholarship program you will be applying for. Alumni Scholarships are applied for between October and April, together with the University admission application. Academic Excellence Loans are applied for in the second half of June after formalizing enrollment. Public agency scholarships are applied for in September or October, i.e., at the beginning of the academic year.

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5. What are the Schools at the University of Navarra?

Pamplona Campus

School of Architecture

School of Sciences

School of Economics and Business Administration

School of Communication

School of Law

School of Canon Law

School of Nursing

School of Pharmacy

School of Humanities and Social Sciences

School of Medicine

School of Theology

School of Ecclesiastical Philosophy

San Sebastián Campus

School of Engineering (TECNUN)

ISSA School of Management Assistants

Madrid and Barcelona Campus

IESE Business School

ISEM Fashion Business School

Through IESE Business School, the University also has campuses in New York City (USA) and Munich (Germany).

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6. What programs are offered at the University of Navarra?


The following was offered in the 2011-2012 academic year:

32 undergraduate degrees

11 double degrees

2 bilingual degrees

24 degrees with subjects in English

35 master's degrees

24 doctoral programs

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7. How many students attend the University?


In the 2011-2012 academic year, a total of 11,362 students attended the University. 74.53% (8,468) were studying in undergraduate/licentiate degree programs, 16.59% (1,885) were studying in master's degree programs and 8.88% (1,009) were studying in doctoral degree programs.

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8. How many alumni does the University have?


In the 2011-2012 academic year, 151,600 University of Navarra alumni were living in more than 115 countries.

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9. How many employment opportunities does the Foundation offer students?


In the 2011-2012 academic year, the University of Navarra Business Foundation (FEUN) offered 2,168 employment opportunities.

Of these, 602 were applications for international internships, 277 included a scholarship and 278 did not include a scholarship.

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10. What are the academic regulations of the University of Navarra?


All information regarding requirements for continued study and credit recognition and transfer can be found at the following link: Academic Regulations.

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11. What holidays will be observed?


During the ordinary period of study, the following holidays will be observed:

 a) For the whole University: Sundays and the following holidays:

October 12: Our Lady of the Pillar

December 8: Immaculate Conception

January 28: St. Thomas Aquinas

March 19: St. Joseph

May 1: Labor Day

 b) For Pamplona centers:

 December 3: St. Francis Xavier

 c) For San Sebastián centers:

 January 20: San Sebastián

 d) For individual centers:

 School of Medicine: October 18, St. Luke

 School of Sciences: November 15, St. Albertus Magnus

 School of Nursing and ISSA School of Management Assistants: November 17, St. Elizabeth of Hungary

 School of Pharmacy: December 8, Immaculate Conception

 School of Architecture: January 25, celebration of Our Lady of Bethlehem in her flight into Egypt

 School of Architecture: June 2, St. John the Hermit

 School of Law and School of Canon Law: January 7, St. Raymond of Peñafort

 School of Communication: January 24, St. Francis de Sales

 School of Theology and School of Ecclesiastical Philosophy: January 28, St. Thomas Aquinas

 Institute of Modern Languages: February 14, St. Cyril and St. Methodius

 School of Engineering (TECNUN): March 19, St. Joseph

 School of Economics and Business Administration: April 5, St. Vincent Ferrer

 School of Humanities and Social Sciences: April 26, St. Isidore of Seville

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