Doctoral school

The Doctoral School is a body attached to the Office of the Vice President of Research for the coordination, planning and monitoring of the University's doctoral programs. It establishes and regulates the University's general strategy for third-cycle study programs, serves as a support center and monitors the doctoral programs on a yearly basis, along with the Quality Assurance Committee in each Center.

The School's governing body:

President: Iciar Astiasarán Anchía, Vice President of Research

Executive Director: Pilar Recalde

Deputy Directors:

  • Area of Humanities, Social and Legal Sciences: Mercedes Montero

  • Area of Experimental and Health Sciences: Javier Burguete

  • Area of Technical Sciences  and Engineering: Pedro Crespo


Academic committees:

Each doctoral program has a committee responsible for its direction and academic management. It is made up of the program coordinator, the Associate Dean / Deputy Director in charge of the third cycle in the Center and the corresponding Deputy Director of the Doctoral School.

Cifras de interés

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Doctoral Programs
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students enrolled
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dissertations defended in the 2019-2020 academic year
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Menciones de Doctor Internacional conseguidas
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doctoral programs with Citation of Excellence
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doctoral dissertation defended for every 52 undergraduate students
Doctoral School

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Range of Doctoral Programs

Regulations and administrative procedures

Escuela de Doctorado

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Repositorio de tesis

Dadun es el depósito institucional destinado a reunir, conservar y difundir a través del acceso abierto los documentos resultantes de la actividad académica y científica de la Universidad de Navarra.

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