Doctorado en Ciencias Naturales y Aplicadas

Información de Doctorado

  • Facultad

    Facultad de Ciencias

  • Titulación oficial que se obtiene

    Doctor (Ph.D.) by the University of Navarra in Natural and Applied Sciences. Upon request a declaration will be issued stating the major branch (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Environmental Sciences, etc)

  • Orientación: Research Ph.D.
  • Nº de plazas Ofertadas: 30 plazas
  • Duración: 3 years, extendible to 4
  • Presencial: Si
  • Créditos ECTS: No procede

    Un crédito ECTS = 25 horas de trabajo

  • Idioma utilizado en la docencia

    English and Spanish

  • Más información:


The Ph.D. in Natural and Applied Sciences (PhD-NAS) brings together efforts from various areas of knowledge, creating a synergy that allow graduates from the program to successfully face the most important challenges of our time. Specifically, this program aspires to be the highest exponent of Science at the University of Navarra and to become a top-level reference both in terms of training and research.

The Ph.D. in Natural and Applied Sciences is part of the Graduate School of the University of Navarra. The center responsible for the development of the PhD-NAS is the School of Science.

It is a PhD. that is adapted to the European Higher Education Area, and meets the requirements set out in the Spanish regulation (RD 1393/2007), which establishes the organization of official higher education. PhD-NAS inherits Government quality mentions from its PhD parent programs.


Wenceslao González-Viñas

General contact:
Wenceslao González-Viñas
C/ Irunlarrea, 1
31008 Pamplona

+34 948 425600

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