Doctoral Degree in Environmental and Technological Design in Architecture


The Doctoral Program in Environmental and Technological Design in Architecture is part of the Doctoral School that the University of Navarra has implemented within the framework recognized by the RD 99/2011.  It serves as the planning, coordination, and monitoring body for the Doctoral Programs, while the center responsible for development and organization is the School of Architecture.

On the Doctoral School’s website, one can find all the regulations governing doctoral studies (thesis supervision, follow up, and regulations surrounding the thesis.

Information regarding scholarships and grants and the scheme of the Research Staff in Training can be found in the Technical Research Secretariat.

  • Academic Committee

    Responsible body for the direction and academic management of the program. It is made up of the program coordinator, the vice-dean/ assistant director responsible for the third cycle at the center, and the corresponding deputy director of the Doctoral School.

    - Coordinator: Beatriz Gil (

    - Director of the center/responsible for the doctorate: Miguel Ángel Alonso del Val (

    - Deputy director of the Doctoral School: Pedro Crespo (

Doctoral School

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Doctoral School


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