Doctoral Degree in Environmental and Technological Design in Architecture

Lines of Investigation

Research in the Environmental Design and Technology in Architecture doctoral program is grouped in the areas of:

  • Design and Environmental Management of Architecture

  • Technological Design for Architecture

Within these lines, the following areas and investigative topics are specified:

  • Analysis and automated design of structures

  • Environmental sustainability in housing, industrialization and architecture.

The first area focuses on the development of design methods, analysis and prototyping of building structures, and encompasses the following research topics:

  • Analysis and design of steel, wood, and mixed structural joints.

  • Analysis and automated design of building structures through new technologies and 3D web applications.

  • Computational and experimental techniques for structural design.

The second research area focuses on the fields of eco-design of industrialized and sustainable enclosures, and the quantification of sustainable architecture with the following research topics:

  • Industrial and sustainable components for buildings.

  • Sustainable rehabilitation of buildings, neighbourhoods, and cities.

  • Strategies for mitigation and architectural adaptation to climate change.

  • Environmental certification. Monitoring, calibration, and energy simulation of buildings

  • Life-cycle analysis and management of materials. Evaluation of environmental impacts.

  • Architecture for vulnerable populations. Aging. Energy poverty. Accessibility.

Research experience of the personnel associated with the program

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