Doctoral Degree in Arts and Humanities

Educational activities

The program offers a variety of academic activities to supplement doctoral students' thesis work. These activities are:

  • Specific seminars in doctoral students' subject areas.

  • Interdisciplinary seminars related to doctoral students' subject areas.

  • Sessions to improve the use of the bibliographical sources available at the University.

  • Attendance at courses aimed at improving teacher training.

  • The chance to have interviews with other professors, in addition to thesis supervisors, in order to receive research guidance.

  • Potential overseas research visits.

See a more detailed description of these activities (pdf)

Doctoral School

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Doctoral School


Dr. Francisco J. Caspistegui Gorasurreta
Director of the Doctoral Program

General contact:
Universidad de Navarra Campus
31009 Pamplona

+34 948 42 56 00