Estrategia 2025

Second axis: Focused research that makes an impact 

The University has increased its scientific output over the past two decades. The inauguration of new research centers, the development of the career of the researcher as a professional role, and an increase in the capacity to attract funds for research projects and groups are among the key initiatives undertaken in this regard.

In its 2025 strategy, in addition to maintaining its current research range, the University aims to focus in a special way on research relating to care of people and the environment.

Research in Personalized Medicine will be enhanced, particularly in relation to cancers, rare diseases and palliative medicine. The bioethical dimensions of healthcare provision and research will also be addressed.

There will likewise be a focus on the threefold understanding of sustainability:
· Environmental: Biodiversity and ecosystem management
· Social: Society and communication in the digital environment
· Economic: Leadership and ethics of institutions and economic interaction


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