Planning of field trips

Planificación de salidas - Environment and Landscapes Program

The Environment and Landscapes Program (E&LP) is carried out over full days in the field, along with the many others offered as part of the specific subjects of the Degree in Environmental Sciences and the Dual Degree in Biology and Environmental Sciences. They involve study of the territory with a broad focus across multiple regional, national and international field trips.

The E&LP therefore combines both the study plan of the Degree or Dual Degree in such a way that that it is not an added course nor a subject apart but forms part of the learning methodology.

  • The international field trips are planned outside of term.

  • National day trips are planned on weekends.

  • Regional day trips are full-day activities.

In total, students will study 360 landscapes in 120 days.



Santiago CairetaSantiago Caireta
Admission Coordinator
C/ Irunlarrea, 1 - 31008 Pamplona (Spain)
+34 948 425600 (806265)


Raúl BermejoRaúl Bermejo
Program Coordinator
C/ Irunlarrea, 1 - 31008 Pamplona (Spain)
+34 948 425600 (806253)

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