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The Environment and Landscapes Program  (E&LP) is part of the study plans of the Degree in Environmental Sciences and the Dual Degree in Biology and Environmental Sciences. They are not standalone subjects but rather form part of different subjects.

This way, equivalences have been established between the field trips and associated work and ECTS credits so that, at present, the Program is equivalent to a total of 20 ECTS credits (The Degree is 240 and the Dual Degree is 339). The full E&LP includes (there may be some change, provided that the it is ensured th training objectives of the Program are met):

  •  4 international field trips (6 ECTS credits)

  • 16 national field trips (8 ECTS credits)

  • 24 regional field trips (6 ECTS credits)

It is envisaged that students participate in all field trips but exceptions may be considered, where duly justified. In these cases, the School of Sciences shall ensure that all students receive the corresponding training.


Santiago CairetaSantiago Caireta
Admission Coordinator
C/ Irunlarrea, 1 - 31008 Pamplona (Spain)
+34 948 425600 (806265)


Raúl BermejoRaúl Bermejo
Program Coordinator
C/ Irunlarrea, 1 - 31008 Pamplona (Spain)
+34 948 425600 (806253)

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