International dimension

International dimension

Spanish University Exchange Program (SICUE) (SICUE/SÉNECA)

The student mobility program known as the Spanish University Exchange Program (SICUE) offers students in the final academic year of their degree program the opportunity to do part of their program of study at a different Spanish university.

The call for applications for places in the SICUE mobility program is usually published at each university between January and March each year.

There are several types of scholarships that support the SICUE Program, including the Spanish Séneca university student mobility aid program supported by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports. In addition, there are other sources of financial aid awarded by the regional governments and public and private institutions.

More information:
* Conference of Presidents of Spanish Universities 
* Ministry of Education and Science 

Admission to Foreign Universities
As a product of the bilateral agreements under the Socrates Program framework, the School of Sciences will process selected students' admission to their host university. However, it is the host university that will be responsible for providing information about housing, at the request of the interested student.

Exchange agreements have been signed with the following European universities for the Degree in Chemistry:

    * University of Applied Sciences Zittau/Görlitz (Germany)
    * Haute École Charleroi-Europe, I.S.C. Fleurus (Belgium)
    * Ghent University (Belgium)
    * Lille 1 University (France)
    * Sapienza – Università di Roma (Italy)
    * University of Southern Denmark – Odense (Denmark)
    * National Polytechnic Institute of Toulouse (France)

Exchange agreements have been signed with the following European universities for the Degree in Biochemistry:

    * Friedrich Schiller University Jena (Germany)
    * Sapienza – Università di Roma (Italy)
    * Università Politecnica delle Marche (Italy)
    * University of Southern Denmark–Odense (Denmark)
    * Université de Genève (Switzerland)
    * University of Tromsø (Norway)
    * Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (Netherlands)
    * Philipps-Universität Marburg (Germany)
    * University of Plymouth (United Kingdom)
    * University of Hong Kong (China)
    * University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Northwestern Switzerland (Switzerland)

More information:
Exchange handbook for Erasmus students (2011-2012)