Presentación - Doble Grado en Química y Bioquímica

The Double Degree in Chemistry and Biochemistry consists of 369 ECTS credits, divided into six academic years, which are each in turn divided into two semesters.

The first four years cover the Degree in Chemistry and also include a few subjects in Biochemistry. The last two years complete the Degree in Biochemistry.

The curriculum for the Double Degree in Chemistry and Biochemistry includes two Final Year Projects, one corresponding to each degree.

The University of Navarra's Double Degree in Chemistry and Biochemistry is a pioneering program that is unique in Spain.

This well-designed program allows students to complete their university program of study with a double degree in two complementary areas, having acquired sufficient knowledge to develop their future career in either of the two fields. It is an excellent choice for those students who wish to develop their career in the field of Biochemistry with solid knowledge of Chemistry.

By earning the two degrees, students acquire a broad, interdisciplinary education that is highly valued both in the industrial sector and in the field of research. This education prepares students to easily join work teams equipped with the ability to address current scientific challenges.