Content of admission test - International students:

Test content

The test is divided into two sections:

1. Academic section. General high school knowledge 

40 multiple choice questions:
· Chemistry (15)
· Biology (15)
· Physics (5)
· Mathematics (5)

2. Psychological and technical section:

  • Aptitude test (spatial and verbal logic and reasoning).

  • Skills test.

Steps required to attend the entrance exam

The first thing that future students must do is to fill out the application using the following form. Then they must send in the required documentation. Applicants can see all the steps for the admissions process on the University of Navarra website.

After they have completed the application, taken the entrance exam, been admitted to the School of Sciences and received their letter of acceptance, students can complete their enrollment online on the University of Navarra website.

For further information, please contact Santiago Caireta (


On the day the admission test is held, an Open Information Day will be held at the School of Sciences intended for the mothers, fathers and guests of the applicants for Degrees and Dual Degrees.

The admission test consists of two parts:

1) Academic record General Bachillerato knowledge tested through 40 multiple choice questions. Contents: Biology (15), Chemistry (15), physics (5) and Mathematics (5).

2) English Multiple-choice questions to assess the knowledge and level of English of the applicant. Particularly relevant for students who apply for admission to the:

·  Double Degree in Chemistry and Biochemistry

The duration of the admission test is approximately two and a half hours.