Professional prospects

Salidas profesionales

The selection and personal mentoring of our students during the double degree and practicum periods are fundamental for guaranteeing their employment.

This is borne out by experience in this area.

This profile will enable students to work in:

 Mainstream and special schools, in both the public and private sectors.

 Associations and organizations that promote the education of people with physical and/or cognitive disabilities.

 Hospital teaching and classroom services. The prison system.

 Psycho-educational counseling centers.

 Student guidance departments in education centers.

 Educational administration (inspection, center management, etc.).

 Educational consulting for publishing houses and online training.

 Family orientation centers. Human resources departments in companies.

 Design and management of programs for associations, NGOs, etc.

 Design and management of programs for social services.

Article 92 of Organic Law 2 of May 3, 2006, on Education, defines the profession of Early Childhood Education Teacher as a regulated profession requiring possession of the appropriate official undergraduate degree, obtained, in this case, in accordance with the provisions of Article 12.9 of Royal Decree 1393 of October 29, 2007, which regulates official university education under the terms set out in the Agreement of the Council of Ministers of December 14, 2007, published in the Official State Bulletin of December 21, 2007, by Resolution of the State Secretary for Universities and Re