With the Double Degree in History and Journalism (5 years) we promote history as a profession by applying information and communication technologies to dissemination of knowledge.

Completing one of these double degree programs is much more than adding a specialized area of study to your degree program, since it involves completing two entire university degree programs in five years. Students are therefore required to put forth twice the effort and show sufficient work capacity and motivation to handle the demands of the program.

An historian with a full education in journalism can work on the "history of the present," making sense in real time of the political, social and economic phenomena that constitute the raw material of current information. The curriculum for this double degree combines the best of education in both specialties and places special emphasis on new information technologies. In this way, graduates of the double degree program acquire the qualities of all humanists and communicators, qualities that are valued in our society and which help them apply knowledge in a practical way, find creative solutions and enhance their expression and communication skills. Our society, which is increasingly specialized and complex, needs capable individuals to synthesize information from many sources and offer the keys to interpreting social life.

Contact information

Pedro Lizaur
Admission Coordinator

General contact:
University Campus
31009 Pamplona

948 42 56 00 Ext.802388

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