Applicant profile

  • Students with capacity for work, reasoning, analysis and abstraction.

  • Interested in getting to the root of the complex current situation (cultural, moral, political) to be able to offer a well-grounded response.

  • Students with capacity for comprehension and criticism who wish to expand their horizons.

  • Students who keep up with the news and follow the political, economic, social and cultural landscape.

  • Interested in understanding the reason behind and scope of the social impact of the media and the shaping of public opinion.

In general

  • Students who have passed the university entrance exam, regardless of the high school pathway completed.

  • Those who have passed the exam for students over 25 years old and, in general, meet the established legal requirements.

  • Those who have taken the entrance examination offered by the University of Navarra and organized by the School of Humanities and Social Sciences for its different degree programs.