Quality Management

The School of Humanities and Social Sciences has introduced Internal Quality Control Standards (SGIC).

This program systematically covers the activities that the School carries out in order to strengthen the quality and ensure the continuous improvement of all official degree programs (undergraduate, master's and doctoral degrees) and services it offers.

Through the incorporation of strategies for review and continuous improvement, the School seeks to develop and monitor its actions, and to review and redefine them based on the needs and expectations of its stakeholders. 

The School of Humanities and Social Sciences has a Quality Assurance Committee, which was approved on Wednesday, November 4, 2009. This committee coordinates the planning and follow-up tasks of the SGIC. TheQuality Assurance Committee also acts as a vehicle for communication of the School's quality policies and objectives by ensuring dissemination to the university community and compliance with these policies.

Review and improvement

  • Collection and analysis of information: all stakeholders are involved in evaluating the educational program. This process includes the systematic collection of opinions from academic staff, administrative and service personnel, and students through surveys or reports on aspects linked to the delivery and quality of the curriculum. The information is divided into:

  • Identification of objective indicators on the delivery of the educational program and its results (graduation rate, drop-out rate, success rate, efficiency, duration of study programs, employment rate, etc.).

  • Proposals to improve teaching processes from students, academic staff, external parties, the Quality Assurance Committee and other committees established for the purpose.

  • Reports from graduates and employers on job placements for graduates and the level of satisfaction and suitability of the training received.

  • Complaints and suggestions received.

  • Review of the range of programs offered by the School: the Quality Assurance Committee receives this information and analyzes it in order to determine any improvements it deems appropriate, either by including them in the three-year improvement plan, or by proposing them to the School's Board of Management as complementary improvement measures.

The Board of Management will adopt the improvement measures and the three-year improvement plan where appropriate. In the event that the improvements require approval by other Centers or Services of the University, or by the Office of the Executive Council, the proposal will be sent to these bodies for the appropriate processing. In all cases, stakeholders will be informed.

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