The Department of Philosophy at the University of Navarra, together with the School of Communication, has proposed offering an educational program combining the best of an education in philosophy with communications sciences, since ability to communicate is enhanced when one is animated by deep thought. New schools of thought not only come from universities; they now emerge in the media. Our increasingly complex societies thus require a new way of practicing philosophy in close association with journalism.

An education in Philosophy and Journalism (5 years) provides a number of intellectual skills and abilities, such as:

  • Profound analysis of current culture, society and politics.

  • Critical thinking with regard to established interpretations.

  • Ability to communicate in different registers.

  • Capacity for research.

Furthermore, the degree programs in Philosophy and Philosophy and Journalism share the principles of the University's education system:

  • Student participation.

  • Balance between academic rigor and humanistic education.

  • Promotion of a spirit of learning and a love for truth.


Contact information

María Bobadilla
Admission Coordinator

General contact:
University Campus
31009 Pamplona

948 42 56 00 Ext.802936

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