Presentación Doble Grado Farmacia y Nutrición Humana y Dietética

The Double Degree in Pharmacy & Human Nutrition and Dietetics provides the most complete education in the bio-health world, especially on medications, food science, nutrition, dietetics and catering.  It is made up of 406.5 ECTS credits (6.5 years)

Students that successfully complete the double degree program will have two official degrees.

Studying at the University of Navarra
The School of Pharmacy is part of the University of Navarra's Biomedical and Experimental Sciences Campus, which is made up of four schools (Pharmacy, MedicineSciences and Nursing) and four research centers (Clínica Universidad de NavarraCIMACIFA and ICAUN), which share over 2,000 professionals, thus offering a unique interdisciplinary education.

Practical education plays an important role in the curricula at the School, for which reason students carry out laboratory practice beginning in the First Year, and this accounts for 35% of class hours throughout the degree program.

We have state-of-the-art facilities such as the Practical Pharmacy Facility, the Dietetics Service Simulation Center, the pharmaceutical technology pilot plant, and the Galenic Center. All are the first of their kind in Spain and are dedicated to helping students acquire professional competences.

The School of Pharmacy offers three diplomas to complement the Degree, two international diplomas: the International Pharmaceutical Certificate and the International Nutrition Certificate, which allow over 100 ECTS credits to be taken in English; and a Diploma in Sports Nutrition, which is being launched this academic year in collaboration with the Spanish Olympic Committee and seeks to be a national and international leader in sports nutrition.

In addition to the diplomas, there are different pathways that allow students to orient their studies based on the professional path they wish to pursue. For the Degree in Pharmacy, there are four pathways: Clinical Care, Industrial, Research and Food Science; and for the Degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics there are: Clinical Care, Food and Consumption, and Research.

The high quality that our students receive positions us at the top of university rankings; thus, on El Mundo's 2017 university rankings, the degree programs taught by the School were in the top positions, with the Degree in Nutrition in first place and the Degrees in Pharmacy in fourth place.

Study at the School of Pharmacy and Nutrition of the University of Navarra allows you:

· To live with excellent professors and lecturers (100% accredited by ANECA).
· To enjoy an education with high practical content.
· To enrich this academic education with periods abroad: the Faculty has more than 80 agreements with universities and international institutions.
· To have a Career Office that offers a professional path, personalized attention and announcement of internship and employment offers.