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  • Plan de estudios 20-21
  • It’s finally happening. Thanks to guidance provided by you and your team, a merger between two major companies in the technology sector is taking place. The merger will give rise to a new company with the potential to compete at the international level. In addition to the economic and financial negotiation process, you’ve also had to deal with different legal systems. Your knowledge of business and law has allowed you to guide the entire process.

  • Applicant Profile:

  •  This program is aimed at students with an excellent capacity for work and time management and organizational skills. Given that it combines the subjects of Business Administration and Law, students should feel comfortable handling mathematical concepts and tools and also be capable of studying and understanding legal concepts.

  • Skills Acquired:

    •  The degree in Business Administration will help you develop a comprehensive view of the business management world, including accounting, finance and strategic decisions.

    •  The degree in Law will provide you with training related to the legal framework that governs relationships between people, companies and institutions.

    •  Finally, you’ll develop a wide-ranging view of the world of legal and social sciences to provide you with an in-depth understanding of the social reality

  • Profile of Graduates: 

  •  Students with a proven capacity for work, an international vision and the ability to fully understand all business activity. The training provides them with a comprehensive understanding of management aspects and their legal implications. They are able to work on highly technical and specific aspects and to pursue a career involving a great deal of interpersonal relations.. 

  • Professional Prospects:

  •  The double training will allow graduates to work in any areas of the business world and in major law firms. In a world where relations and opportunities are already global, it is essential for students to receive international training. Whether they choose to study the bilingual program or the Spanish program, they will benefit from many international training opportunities throughout their career. 

  • Language:

  •  Spanish or Bilingual. 

  • Mobility:

  •  1 or 2 exchange and the IESE Program.


 6 years

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