Applicant profile

Perfil de ingresoStudents at the School are ambitious people in their intellectual pursuits and in their lives in general. They are people who seek to educate themselves with academic rigor so they can understand the technical complexity of business and the economy. Our students are trained to apply their knowledge within the changing international context of business and the economy.

Through bilingual programs, internships in different countries, exchange programs and the IESE Business School program, students are prepared to work in this new environment.

It is important for them to have a good grasp of the mathematical tools that are used in the various subjects, and a humanistic viewpoint that enables them to understand the context in which economic and business decisions are made.

For the School, this translates into an academic approach that places people at the center of their research and teaching activity.

 Studying a double degree

Economics and law are complementary fields of knowledge. Students can earn two official degrees in six years.

 Prospective students 

Students who seek an open-minded approach to economics and business based on the legal foundations acquired from the degree in law.

 What is expected of students 

Concentration and hard work, organization and good time management. Initiative and dedication.