The world of institutions and public administration requires a deep understanding not only of economic issues, but also of the legal aspects of the relations among individuals, institutions and countries.

The School of Economics and Business Administration offers students the opportunity to complete a Double Degree in Management and Law.

This program allows students to complete their university program of study with an official double degree (both degrees are verified by the National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation (ANECA)) and to acquire sufficient knowledge to pursue their career in either of the two fields: economics and law.

Students who set out to do a double degree of this type are people with an enormous capacity for organization and hard work.

Students must already have demonstrated the ability to work independently when setting out their work program. Of course, students who set out to do these double degrees must be capable of combining technical subjects with the detailed study of legal topics.

Students who complete the double degree receive all the training for the Degree in Management or Economics, and all the training for the Degree in Law. To do so, students must be aware that the curriculum requires a higher degree of dedication and discipline, since it entails a total course load of 372 ECTS credits, distributed into six academic years, in which the subjects for the two chosen programs are taken together.

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Miguel Bruned
Admission Coordinator

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Campus Universitario
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