Personnel Management Service


The Personnel Management Service is responsible for coordinating all policies affecting human resources at the University of Navarra, including members of the teaching staff, researchers and administrative and service personnel.

Our chief aim is to foster the personal and professional growth and development of all the people who work at the University and to select the best candidates to join a teaching and research institution that has been operating for more than fifty years.

We seek motivated, committed people with a spirit of service who share the University of Navarra's statement of core values and are able to work as part of a team. With this in mind, the following values are considered key:

  • A job well done: Our mission as a University is to seek the truth and pursue excellence, and to dedicate hard work and commitment to a shared project to build a better society.

  • Loyalty: Always seeking common interests between the University and employees and generating mutual loyalty. It is everyone's responsibility to improve and to help others improve while acknowledging and rewarding development and contribution in a fair and objective way.

  • Honesty: Honest, socially responsible behavior in everything we do.

  • Spirit of service: Working actively to build a team that solves problems. Encouraging communication and mutual support based on trust, reliability and being a good role model.

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