Diploma in Surgery

Quality control

The School of Medicine at the Universidad de Navarra considers it essential to guarantee the quality of the qualifications and the services that it offers. This commitment is reflected in participation in the Institutional Evaluation Plan of the National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation of Spain (ANECA) by which the medical degree has been evaluated. In addition, the School has set up an Internal Quality Assurance System within the first edition of the AUDIT program of ANECA.

Under this system, data on the activities that the School undertakes are systematically collected in order to boost quality and the continuous improvement of all official qualifications (degree, postdoctoral degree, master degree) and services offered. With the incorporation of strategies for revision and continuous improvement, the School aims to develop and control its performance and revise it and redefine it until the results planned according to the necessities and expectations of interest groups are obtained. In the School of Medicine, there is a Commission for Quality Assurance constituted and regulated by the School's management board; the commission is the organ charged with the responsibility of following up and guaranteeing the quality of the School and which coordinates the tasks of planning and follow-up of the Internal Quality Assurance System.

The Commission for Quality Assurance also acts as a vehicle of communication for the policies and objectives of the School in relation to quality, guaranteeing compliance and diffusion throughout the university community.


Dr. Jesús Barrio, PhD
Program Coordinator

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