Diploma in Biomedical Research


The School of Medicine has offered its students, since 2008, the Research Path: a program that allows students to go more deeply into research, an area of dedication that represents, together with attention to patients and teaching, one of the three pillars of professional calling indispensable for a doctor. Even though the medical degree already contains a diversity of subjects that deal with theoretical and practical facets of research, the faculty established the Research path with several objectives:

  • To give an incentive to medical students with a greater interest in medical research.

  • To create a source of researchers, who, as a result of their relationships with tutors, can consider continuing into a career as researcher.

  • To increase the differentiation of the students of our faculty.

In the year 2015/16, the Research Path becomes a diploma and separate qualification within the degree in medicine.


Dra. Ana Patiño García, PhD
Dpto. Pediatría /Unidad de Genética Clínica

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