Sustainable Improvement

Área de Mejora Sostenible del Departamento de Organización Industrial - Tecnun

The Sustainable Improvement group develops models and tools that help companies to contribute to sustainable development, promoting the progressive integration of circularity throughout the business model with triple bottom line objectives: economic, environmental and social. These models and tools are developed both strategic and operational levels (following a data-based Lean philosophy, Lean-Six Sigma).

In this moment, we are currently working on:

·      Development of methodologies for industrial symbiosis implementation with the objective of facilitate the adoption of circular economy principles.

·      Tools and techniques for Circular economy implementation

·      Development of measurement instruments to evaluate and diagnose the degree of implementation of the purpose in the organizations.

·      Creation of a data observatory to analyse the development of the purpose and its effects on business sustainability.

·      Framework for measuring the impact of circularity on production strategy.

·      Telemetry and diagnosis of water consumption in production processes.

·      Methodological challenges of data science projects in the industrial field.


We actively collaborate with other university Harvard University, MIT, IESE Business School, Bentley University, Mid Sweden University, University of Mondragon, University of the Basque Country, University of Deusto, International University of Catalonia, Universidad Pontificia Javierana, University of Montevideo, Universidad Panamericana, Universidad de la Sabana. And also different public bodies with which we have working agreements (Gipuzkoa Provincial Council, San Markos Community, NaturKlima, ...) and we are in direct contact with the organisations: Food Cluster Basque Country and La Rioja, Aclima, Ihobe, Corporate Excellence-Center for Reputation Leadership...