Control and Automatic

Multidisciplinary group with extensive experience in industrial robotics, design and control of mechatronic systems, haptic devices, virtual reality and augmented reality, and optical technologies applied to metrology (dimensional control) and defectology (surface quality). We are currently working on the following topics:

• Collaborative robotics for surgical interventions.

• Development of haptic devices for industrial assembly operations.

• Development of drive-by-wire systems with haptic feedback.

• Industrial process simulators for evaluation of alternatives.

• Generation of virtual twins of industrial plant elements.

• Augmented reality for guiding operators in maneuvers or maintenance processes.

• Dimensional control of pieces at high temperatures.

• Artificial vision for gear high-precision measurement.

During the last years the group has collaborated with Egile Corporation, Cyber Surgery, Kiro Grifols, Ficosa Internacional, Lander Simulation & Training Solutions, Airbus, CTIngenieros, Tesicnor, Labekoa, etc.