Manufacturing Group

Área de fabricación del departamento de Ingeniería Mecánica y Materiales - Tecnun

The research in the Manufacturing Division is focused on the modelling, monitoring and automatic diagnosis of advanced manufacturing processes. This working group has extensive experience in research projects, working together with companies and technology centres. The research line is based on two aspects:

Modelling of Manufacturing Processes.

·       Development of methodologies for the design and post processing of additive manufactured parts by means of machining operations.

·       Optimisation of five-axis milling strategies for the finishing of additive manufactured parts using CAM software.

·       Surface texturing by means of five-axis milling for the improvement of surface functional properties.

·       Mechanics and dynamics of cutting processes.

·       Machining process modelling: cutting forces, surface topography and chatter vibrations.

Monitoring and Control of Manufacturing Processes:

·       Development of smart systems for monitoring of tool wear, process vibrations and machine tool dynamics.

·       Cutting tool performance testing: analysis and characterization of tool wear.

·       Cutting tests of low machinability materials for optimization of cutting conditions.

·       Geometric inspection and dimensional analysis of parts.