Mathematical Principles Group


Principios matemáticos de la información y comunicaciones


The Mathematical Principles of Information and Communications (MATHπCOM) group focuses its research on:

• The Theory of Communication and Information both classical and quantum, specifically with regard to the design of advanced algorithms for compression, storage, transmission and processing of information.

• Design of Digital, Analog and Quantum Communications Systems.

• Statistical Signal Processing and Systems Optimization.

The main objectives of the group are to generate new knowledge in the aforementioned fields and its application in different sectors of telecommunications, industry, mobility and health. Of special mention is its investigation in error correction codes, fundamental for future quantum computers.

The group has published 25 scientific articles in JCR indexed journals in the last six years and has worked on three European projects, three projects of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness and two projects funded by the Basque Government. In addition, and in line with the aims of the University of Navarra, a fundamental objective of the group is also the training of new researchers. In this sense, 9 doctoral theses have been directed in the last 6 years, four of which have already been defended.